Stencil Spotlight: Polka Party Stencil

Polka Dot stencil patterns for wall and furniture stenciling | Royal Design Studio Stencils 
What's round and repeated and fun ALL over??  We've turned the perennial polka dot design into a large wall stencil that brings the party to any room. Our Polka Dot Party stencil comes perfectly sized for stenciling walls OR furniture and it's just waiting for you to invite it over to liven up your spaces. It really does get along well in any environment. After all, the polka dot pattern IS a classic! But it can have many personalities-depending on YOUR mood and paint color choices. Let's have a look today at just a few.....
Modern polka dot pattern stencil for walls. Polka Party stencil from Royal Design Studio  
This stenciled classic/modern tone-on-tone treatment says "take me seriously", but not TOO seriously. The pretty (shall we say slightly conservative?) and subtly different shades blue keep it toned down, while the dancing dots make it lighthearted, fresh, and young. 
Polka Dot pattern stencil perfect for nurseries. Shown in warm gray colors | Royal Design Studio Stencils
And speaking of young....isn't it amazing how polka dots can be ideal for wee girls and boys alike? That makes this pattern perfect for ANY nursery, These warm gray walls provide the perfect neutral backdrop that makes the bright yellow crib SING, but can you also imagine how pretty this room would be with shades of pink?? We sure can! And, this stencil CAN be done SO quickly (yeah!) with a can of good wall paint and our Foam Stencil Rollers. Be sure to check out our favorite post showing how to stencil with foam rollers for some awesome tips.
Polk dot pattern stencil in bright colors for a little girl's feature wall | Royal Design Studio Stencils 
NOW it's time to break out the bubbly side of our polka dot pattern stencil. When you REALLY want to party, go for a splashy color combo like this turquoise and lime green stenciled wall. Can you guess that this is a little girls' room?!? Keeping the stenciled pattern to just one feature wall will keep it from becoming overpowering, AND you can stencil this SO quickly. Of course polka dots are also the perfect pattern to pair with other patterns. Polka Dots just GO with everything, so don't be afraid to "mix it up" with other patterns in the room like chevrons, stripes, and florals. 
Polka dot furniture stencil in black and white on dresser drawers | Royal Design Studio Stencils  
Sweet and petite!! The scaled down version of the Polka Party stencil for furniture or craft projects loves to dance across dresser drawers, over tabletops, and up the backs of chairs. It also pairs well with stenciled pillows, placemats, and napkins! 
Multi-color polka dot pattern stencil for walls. Great modern look! | Royal Design Studio Stencils
An equally fun variation of the polka dot allover pattern is Polka Party's cousin, our Dot, Dot, Dot polka dot stencil. Get all your dots in a row, because in this pattern they all line up vertically and horizontally. Please feel free to steal our idea for inserting more color by stenciling the dots in 3 fun shades of paint!
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