Get Outside with DIY Backyard Decor

Get Outside with DIY Backyard Decor

Bring the party back and into the backyard! As much as we love to hang out in the living room, a backyard is also a great place to gather with friends and family. It’s a time to turn off the TV and enjoy the outdoors and one another’s company. Make sure your backyard is back in business by renovating it on a dime with Stencils.

Bring the party back and into the backyard! As much as we love to hang out in the living room, a backyard is also a great place to gather with friends and family. It’s a time to turn off the TV and enjoy the outdoors and one another’s company. Make sure your backyard is back in business by renovating it on a dime with Royal Design Studio Stencils. Stencils make it easy and affordable to add style just about anywhere including concrete floors, painted furniture, and DIY fences. Check out these stencil painting ideas that will make you want to get outside…

“I am SO happy with my stencil project! I was so promoted to complete this project because I have an Airbnb room in my backyard, and my guests enter through the side of my house to enter their room. SO, I decided to spruce up the walkway to the guest room for my guests! BEST DECISION EVER! I have gotten so many compliments; some people even think that I installed real tile! This project was so worth it. The You’re A Star Tile Stencil was absolutely amazing and VERY easy to use. I can’t wait to find other places and other designs I can use around my house! :)” – Lindsay Wells

“Guys!!!! I couldn’t wait to show you how this turned out! This isn’t tile... it’s the Opposites Attract Stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencils and we are digging it hard. I’m so happy we did it this weekend. We are IN LOVE with Royal Design Studio and can’t wait for the new firepit to come in!” - @jessicagann

Dreaming of summer outdoor fun right about now... But now is the perfect time to get all those home projects done that you’ve always wanted to do! Just check out this gorgeous DIY outdoor shower! @saltwoodcottage painted it with the You’re A Tile Painting Stencil and loves how it turned out! 

@calling_allcreators painted her patio with the Brick Stencil from @royalstencils. It looks like real brick without all the fuss and cost of ripping out her concrete and installing bricks.

“Almost finished stenciling our patio with the Cadiz Tile Paint Stencil 🌼 I seriously thought this project was going to take a lifetime but once I got going I couldn’t stop. It’s all worth it ☀️” - @hey.tiger

@m.k.restoration was able to bring a gorgeous black and white pattern to her patio with floor patio paint and floor tile stencils. The Anatolia Tile Floor Pattern Stencil is a large tile design that can be painted directly onto the concrete flooring.

“With this quarantine, I was searching for something creative to fill my time with. I saw Royal Design Studio Stencils on Instagram and my friend inspired me, so I decided to give my ugly drab cracked concrete patio a facelift with the Maison Floral Tile Stencil! I used Color Shot spray paint and used about 14 cans!!! I absolutely love the way it turned out. Now I think I may need to stencil my bathroom! Thank you Royal Design Studio Stencils!” – Marisa McBride

“Basically since we bought this house the patio has been my great embarrassment, but NO LONGER, FRIENDS!” - @hannahtev painted her concrete with the Step Up Triangles Stencil and now LOVES her patio!

“I’m beyond happy with how this outdoor patio project is coming along! The painted area with the Duomo Tile Stencil gave us the effect of having an outdoor rug, with the ease of hosing it off! Although this was a simple task, it’s not for the faint of heart (or should I say time spent on the hard concrete). Would I do it again? Yes! The outcome is even more grand then I could have hoped for.” -

“When we moved into our home last year there was an eyesore of an old chicken coop and overgrown bushes behind our shed, along with a concrete slab begging for help. With the assistance my handy husband and the beautiful Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil, we have completely transformed this area.” - Ashley Rochelle 

“When we started, the old concrete slab was rust stained with old bars sticking out and downright ugly. Plus it is smack in the middle of the yard! I could not be more thrilled with the transformation. The Baraka Tile Stencil was the perfect choice for our midcentury home, a touch of whimsy with those classic 1970s clean lines. It took the patio from eyesore to outdoor sanctuary!” - Renée Stoeckle

"My outdoor concrete patio had a very dull plain concrete texture. I used the Isabella Tile Stencil with Sherwin Williams paints in neutral tones to make it beautiful and unique." - Galina Hughes

There is an original bare concrete slab (about 20 yrs old) which is still in good shape. We painted the pergola white and my husband built the new fence whilst I started stenciling the floor. I power washed the concrete and once it dried completely I painted it with a quick dry, blue garage floor paint as base. I applied the Endless Circles Stencil in an off white using the same garage floor paint. I then sealed it with about 3 coats of sealant to make sure it stays in good condition. The stencil was so easy use! It was easier than I expected to complete the pattern around corners and the supporting pillars and so much cheaper than replacing it with decking. We now just love our new space. I went from being embarrassed about the area and thinking of it as an eye sore to being proud of the transformation and enjoying spending time here. It looks light, fresh and welcoming, even at night. Love Royal Design Studio’s quality products and customer services!” - Pearl van Staden

“Guys, it’s done! I present to you our outdoor oasis! We had the idea to create an outdoor seating area to spend time outside, enjoy the outdoors, and get out of the house. With everything happening in the world and Covid keeping us indoors, it is important to create a space you can come out and feel like you’re somewhere else. I call this space my outdoor jungle... We used the original concrete slab for outdoor seating. Less money to spend to build a full-on deck and less work as well. I painted it with the Step Up Triangle Stencil. Royal Design Studio Stencils are the best invention to do a low cost DIY! So easy, and bam! You have a whole new floor! I can’t wait to spend evenings in a space we thoughtfully created and make memories.” - @carlanatalia__

“Ahhhh I’m obsessed with how my backyard refresh turned out! This project has been my favorite one yet, mostly because it’s been the project that gotten me out of my creative funk. These past few months have shown me the importance of loving the space you’re in and being grateful for the moments you create in them.” - @bowhousedesign painted her cement pavers with the Star Quilt Tile Stencil

“My husband and I had been looking for a way to pull our outside seating area together.  The Bird's Eye Ikat Allover Wall Stencil did just that! We were able to do this project over the weekend and it came out even better than I could have imagined.” – Amanda Wheeler

“I redid my entryway and backyard during the Stay In Place Order due to COVID. We’ve been wanting to spruce it up for YEARS. Of course with the extra time on our hands, we wanted to create a special place to celebrate our son promoting into 5th grade and his virtual graduation during our quarantine. The finished backyard has been so great for our little family during this time. We never used to want to come out because we hated the way it was before. However, now we come out in the late afternoon and evenings and sit on the patio and play cards, have some homemade cocktails, play Croquet together, and grill meals out here. We like to make it feel like a treat, something to look forward to during quarantine I put a waterproof sealant over the stenciling so if we have any spills, when we water the grass and when it rains, the paint won’t get discolored in spots and has a longer life span. The Herringbone Brick Stencil  played a huge part in making this space become what it is and being so affordable as well as such an easy DIY. Love Royal Design Studio Stencils. This was my third time using their products.” – Kat Hawley

“This is our patio table update that the whole family got involved in during the quarantine  time.  We spray painted the table and oil rubbed bronze color and stenciled the tiles using the Moroc Floral Tile Stencil design.  I love the way it turned out and we get lots of compliments on it from our friends via Facebook. Thank you for the wonderful design!” – Marla Chandler

“Due to the pandemic, we suddenly had a lot more free time, therefore, we decided to start a project to extend our back deck and revamp our concrete slab. I wanted something that would give it a pop color, during my research I came across Royal Design Studio stencils and I immediately fell in love with the You’re A Star Tile Stencil. I loved our final results and would definitely use Royal Design Studio stencils for my future home projects.” – Betsy Rodriguez

“Happy to share my project that is done for our large back patio. Wanted to spruce up the backyard after 5 years of looking a lot a broken concrete slab. This DIY project using the Starry Moroccan Night Stencil helped me to not focus on the pandemic and working as a nurse for a few days. Thanks for making wonderful stencils!” – Jennifer Makely

“Prior to doing this project, my back patio was a place I never spent any time. I’ve dreamed of a back patio to sip my coffee and read a book on. Since painting it with the Augusta Tile Stencil, not only have I gotten compliments from every single person that has seen it, but it’s now a place that I thoroughly enjoy (and Saffron, my Great Dane, enjoys it too, as you can see :) I’m so happy I no longer have to wait until “one day!”  My patio is now the perfect place to relax and look over my garden! I love it, and I’m positive the Royal Design Studio Stencils made ALL the difference!” – Kristin Higgins

“I wanted to bring fun and color to a typically drab block wall on the side of my house. I painted it with the Rabat Tile Stencil from Royal Design Studio. I love looking out my kitchen window now! “ – Anisa Ramjan

"Before is an attempt at redoing my patio many years ago. I took it back to the bare bones and think the new version came out quite nicely. Thank you for making such lovely stencils." - Lisa Lester

“I was looking to brighten the grey cinderblock foundation of our beach house and found inspiration from Royal Design Studio.  The furniture on the deck is bright and fun, but the siding and cinderblock really boring.  This was my first time using Royal Design Studio Stencils.” - Shari Hirsch

“My stencil project is a patio rug. If I use a real rug, all the outside stuff that drops gets trapped along the edges and leaves a constant nasty mess.  Painting a rug has solved that problem.  This Royal Design Studio Stencil was the update it needed.  I just love the new design and bright colors.” – Sharon Bostic

“I updated our concrete pool deck by painting the concrete gray and then stenciling the entire area in white with the Mandala Fusion Stencil.  It was quite a few hours of work but definitely worth the effort!” – Shelley McKee

Tara Larkin painted this concrete patio with the Moroc Floral Tile Stencil.

This is our stenciled concrete pad with the Dazey Tile Stencil. Thank you so much Royal Design Studio Stencils; this process was intense yet the payoff was perfection!!” – Natasha

We began freshening our balconies up and started thinking about changes we could make to brighten up the space.  Royal Design Studio Stencils seemed to be a great resource because it gave us the flexibility we wanted with color and styles.  I did my research watching videos on the Royal Design Studio Stencils website and began gathering materials. The first thing was cleaning the concrete using Rust-oleum Cleaner and Degreaser for Concrete. Once the floor was cleaned, I began the painting.  We picked the 12” Renaissance Tiles Set B Stencils and chose Sherwin Williams paints for Porch and Floor Enamel. I sealed it with Seal Krete’s Clear-Seal Concrete Protective Sealer. Now that it’s completed, it exceeds our expectations and we love the way it looks.  It’s also created a stir in our little community as neighbors who live on higher floors can see it and really like it.  I wasn’t sure that it was something I could do by myself but I got it all done.” – Kerry Day

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