Wrapping it up with Stencils

 How to stencil gift wrap ideas with stencils

During the holidays, it’s always so nice to beautifully wrap your gifts -- it makes a gift that much more special.  Now is a great time to think about hand crafting your own stenciled wrapping paper that you can use for your gift giving!  Here are four projects from our blogging friends that detail unique and wonderful ways to stencil your own custom wrapping paper…

Stenciled gift wrap idea

Marissa from the Roost blog used our classic Cane Basketweave stencil to stencil a contemporary holiday wrapping paper. She used heavy-body acrylic paint in metallic gold over a heavy brown paper and applied it with a foam brush. Lovely!

How to stencil custom gift wrapping paper 

Crafty Catherine from the Hello, New Day blog used our Hollywood Squares stencil over white packing paper she had on hand. She stenciled the pattern with orange and pink stamping ink when she couldn’t find acrylic colors in her preferred shades – very clever and resourceful!  Many stencil patterns are perfect to incorporate multiple colors into your wrapping paper! 

Fun stenciled wrapping paper idea! 

Allison from the popular Engaged & Inspired blog shared her idea for creating a decidedly modern Moroccan take on stenciled gift wrap with our Chez Sheik Furniture stencil.  She used a neon pink acrylic paint over brown paper and accented it with Washi tape! 

Beautiful stenciled wrapping paper with Skylar's Lace stencil from Royal Design Studio 

Sarah Gunn from the Yummy Mummy Club has created several very pretty projects with our stencils and her holiday gift wrap is no exception!  To create this look, she used our Skylar’s Lace allover stencil on white craft paper with craft paint applied with a foam roller.  Sarah stacked her gifts, added a lacy patterned ribbon and an elegant bird topper.  Looks like a spectacular wedding cake! 

Stencils work on SO many paper surfaces – white or brown craft paper will easily work as well as packing paper and standard gift wrap itself as you can further embellish the design.  With the holidays fast approaching, you can also keep these other tips in mind:

Stencil Paint Mediums

  • Acrylic paints and stencil brushes work great on all types of paper stenciling projects. Artist's acrylics or craft acrylics-available in a multitude of colors
  • Our shimmery Stencil Cremes are designed to be the ideal stencil painting medium and are perfect for adding a touch of glimmer to holiday packages.
  • Spray paint can be a great option-especially for stenciled wrapping paper, as it is easy to take outside to spray.
  • Check out the paint aisle at your local craft store for more fun options: glitter paint, puff paint, etc.

Best Stencils for Gift Wrap

  • Of course, ANY wall or furniture stencil can be used for wrapping paper projects, and you can tailor the design to the occasion and the interests of the lucky giftee!
  • Allover stencils are perfect for stenciled gift wrap, because they can be seamlessly repeated and come in such a wide range of styles.
  • Motif stencils are fun to use as a single focal point, or to stenciling them randomly. Try using multiple colors and layering them for interesting effects.
  • Use a thin border stencil could  to create a fun ribbon effect.

It’s so easy to create your own glam wrapping paper – especially when you can’t find the perfect pattern and colors while out shopping!  Plus, it’s such a joy to create something for those your love!  Do be sure to share your stenciled gift wrap projects with us!  Want more stencil ideas?

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