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Stencil Creme Paints in 8 New Colors!

 Stencil Cremes are best cream paint for stencils

Question-How to you make the perfect stencil paint for walls, furniture, and fabrics even MORE perfect? Answer-Offer it in 8 new yummilicious colors! With SO many things to already love about our Royal Stencil Cremes, like:

  • Incredible 1-coat coverage with most paint applications
  • Creamy formula that resists stencil paint "bleed-unders" and flows on like a dream
  • Super easy stencil and stencil brush cleanup
  • Gorgeous classic metallic paint colors

All we could do was simply add more color options, and we think we've come up with some bold new beauties! Introducing the new lineup of Metallic Stencil Creme colors for 2013:

Black Frost, Metallic Teal, Frosted Lilac, Royal Blue, Shimmer Pink, Orange Ice, Peacock Fancy, & Lime Shine



We've found that these shimmery little beauties pair beautifully with Chalk Paint™ decorative paints from Annie Sloan, as well as regular latex paints, and so we've been playing around with some stencil patterns and Chalk Paint™ color combinations to inspire you! Here's a little sneak peek, and you can click through to see more of how to use Royal Stencil Creme paints with your favorite Chalk Paint colors!


Aren't these SUCH pretty pairings?? One thing to keep in mind...metallic finishes will change with the light, so as you change the lighting and/or change your view the colors will alter. It's almost like you have a living finish. 

We'd LOVE to see YOUR ideas and projects using Royal Stencil Cremes and Chalk Paint™ from Annie Sloan-or any other paint you fancy. Please send photo files to so that we can share them on our Stencil Ideas Blog and Royal Design Studio Facebook Page.

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Happy Stenciling!!

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  • Love the stencil creme paints. They are dreamy and go on so fast with no bleed thru!


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