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Welcome Morocco into Your Home with the Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil!

Moroccan stencil ideas for stylish home decor 

Invite the exotic land of Marrakesh and its alluring patterns of Morocco into your home with Royal Design Studio’s Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil! This is just one from our amazing Moroccan stencil collection designed by our very own, Melanie Royals. Melanie gets her inspiration from her amazing painting retreats to Marrakesh each year. This particular pattern's lavish style is so popular in interior design and we can definitely see why!  


Stencil ideas for allover floral patterns with Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil 

The Chez Ali Stencil pattern is one of our favorite floral Moroccan stencils because it simply enchants the walls and floors of our creative customers! It’s the perfect element of embellished charm if you’re looking to add a little extra detail into your modern home décor. 


Kitchen stenciling ideas with the Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil from Royal Design Studio 

The rich culture in Moroccan style is all about fluid lines and contrasting colors. Our Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil has an infinite amount of ways to create decorative color schemes that are sure to compliment any home decor! Have fun with its shapes that mimic Morocco’s famous royal arches and its classic keyhole doorways. 


Moroccan stencil ideas for a stylish dining room 

Although Moroccan patterns are traditionally painted in warm, welcoming colors, the Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil clearly looks just as beautiful in cooler tones. 


Stenciled floor allover patterns with Moroccan Stencils from Royal Design Studio 

Painting a Moroccan floor design is also an interesting way to enhance the feel of a room. Check out the punch of color from those vibrant pinks and oranges! It's refreshing to see such an intricate pattern stenciled on the floor, rather than the expected wall. What a pleasant surprise to greet your feet!


Where will you welcome Moroccan design into your home?


See more of our Chez Ali and other Moroccan designs with these great stencil ideas:


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