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Love the Look? Stencil a Moroccan-Inspired Room

 use stencils to get the same designer look

Love this designer look?? Did you know that Royal Design Studio has stencils that will allow you to paint your way to creating a similar look in your home? We've been noticing that a LOT of incredibly designed rooms feature fabulous ideas for incorporating patterns that can be achieved with stencil patterns from our Stencil Collection. So, we've decided to to a regular feature here called. Love the Look? Paint the Look.

Case in point: this Moroccan-inspired sunny dining room with an exclectic mix of classic and modern patterns designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard and featured in the December 2012 issue of Elle Decor. 

  • The stenciled beamed ceiling features a deep red Italianate pattern that reminds us of our fabulous Fortuny Stencil. This stencil is usually used on walls, but WOW what an impact the lacy design creates on the ceiling.
  • The Chevron patterned curtains could easily be achieved by stenciling off white fabric or store bought window treatments with Medium-sized Chevron Stencil.
  • The Moroccan tile pattern on the floor totally grounds this space and compliments and balances the ceiling stenciling. Our Intricate Zelij Moroccan Stencil could be stenciled directly on concrete, painted vinyl, or wood flooring. Alternatively, you could stencil it on a tightly woven area rug-and YOU'VE GOT THE LOOK!

More Stencil Resources to Paint this Look

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