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Grand Damask Stencil Draws Drama into the Dining Room

Stencil Ideas for Dramatic Dining RoomsLet dramatic dining rooms take center stage with Damask Stencils


What room has more memories than the hub of all holidays, the Dining Room? This holiday season, set the stage to play out life’s most sentimental memories with our Grand Damask Stencil. Its elegant pattern and graceful lines really brings drama to life.

 Before and After Dining Room Stencil Makeover

Our friend, Allyson Read Zea from Domestic Superhero, used our Grand Damask Stencil from our Allover Damask Stencil Collection to transform her standard beige dining room into a dramatic work of art. Painting over her deep gray base with the Antique Silver Stencil Creme Paint from Royal Design Studio Stencil Crème collection, she infused the space with modern-day Hollywood glamour.


Believe it or not, Allyson was actually a little hesitant about stenciling (we hear this a lot!), but by following our basic brush stenciling techniques and how to stencil with allover pattern stencils, she was able to stencil her design with virtually no clean-up. She shares, "I thought for sure I would mess it up, or it would come out terrible...I wish I hadn’t felt this way because it really came out great, and was super simple."

 DIY Stencil Ideas for Updated Dining Room Wall

She was also delighted that our stencil cremes were easy to use. She was relieved that they resist seepage, cover beautifully and are very easy to use. "The color doesn’t come out even, which I love, and it really picks up the light," she explains. Be sure not to miss her project post on the dining room makeover for the full details!


Her entire stencil project took four hours! A hip, new space in FOUR hours -- it's so easy to update a dining room with stencils for a drop-dead gorgeous look!

Stenciled Dramatic Dining Room Feature Wall

What color combo and pattern would you stencil to bring drama to your dining room?


This is part of a series of Sprucing your Home Décor for the Holidays. Below are the links to the other inspirations:


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