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A Sweetly Stenciled Floor at Sweet South Cottage!

 Using a stencil and Chalk Paint to paint and stencil a hardwood floor

Stenciling a wood floor can create an incredible impact -- and depending on the stencil patterns and paint colors used, they can also make a space fresh and fun, elegant and sedate or, in the case of Sweet South Cottage, ethereal and light.  Owner/artist Lisa Ard, who is also a teacher and stockist of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan, chose to use Chalk Paint® and our Large Ribbon Damask Stencil to transform the raw pine planks of her shop's new studio floor.

 Large Ribbon Damask Stencil from Royal Design Studio in painted and stenciled floor of Sweet South Cottage.

Lisa was on a serious budget for her 615 square feet of floor space and also wanted to showcase how beautifully Chalk Paint® works on hardwood floors.  "We did not first seal them the raw wood with any sealer or shellac. This can cause the tannin from the knot holes in the wood to come through-which is what is happening now, but I was after that look because because I wanted to instantly age the floor to make it look older than it is. So, if someone want to paint pine planks and doesn't want the character or the coloring from the knot hole bleed through, then they need to seal the planks first with a coat of shellac," she explains.

 Painted and Stenciled Wood Floor. Stencil is the Large Ribbon Damask by Royal Design Studio.

The base color used was a 50/50 mixture of Old White Chalk Paint and Pure White Chalk Paint. In addition to the Large Ribbon Damask stencil, Lisa also used the Royal Design Studio stencil brushes with the Antoinette Chalk Paint to stencil in the pattern. The floor was then sealed with two coats of the Annie Sloan Lacquer Floor Finish to create a durable finish that will stand up to Lisa's Chalk Paint® workshops and studio play time. 

 Sweet South Cottage Shop with painted and stenciled wood floor featuring Chalk Paint decorative paint by Annie Sloan and Large Ribbon Damask Stencil by Royal Design Studio.

All images courtesy of Allison Nichole Photography

Don't you just LOVE the results? So beautiful and uplifting -- what a great space for Chalk Paint® classes, too! This is one of our favorite projects with the Large Ribbon Damask stencil pattern -- which is also available as a Small Ribbon Damask Stencil. The popular design is so versatile and recently made the cover of Do It Yourself Magazine!  

As a fellow Chalk Paint stockist, you can also purchase Chalk Paint® locally from her shop in Tallahassee, FL -- Sweet South Cottage's shop and studio are must-visits! Be sure to stop by their Facebook fan page, too! 

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  • We appreciate the feedback, N. Dean! We will keep your suggestions in mind! Thanks for visiting our blog! We’d love to see any stenciling projects you have done!

    Katie from Royal Design Studio
  • Granted I don’t have 20/20 vision now, but I had to look really close several times to see the stencil. I love white, neat room. Maybe next time you could include a close up to admire your handy work. Also, FYI colored print that seems to be popular now for text in magazines is another problem for some people. I had to discontinued a magazine I loved because of this problem. All I could do was look at the pretty pictures. I love everything you do, keep up the good imagination.

    N. Dean

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