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Stencil Ideas for a Laundry Room You'll Love

 Stenciled Laundry Room Ideas with Royal Design Studio Stencils 

Laundry Rooms are an ideal space to add stencil patterns and color to make them more inviting, vibrant and fun -- or serene and classic as well! They are almost a "forgotten" space and yet most of us spend quite a bit of time there. In some houses, the laundry room is also the first area you enter in your home via the garage. To have an uplifting design greet you the moment you walked in is far better than the usual descriptions of "boring" and "dreary". To that end, we've rounded up a few stencil design ideas for you to help decorate the perfect laundry room

decorating laundry room with Royal Design Studio stencils


Kelly from View Along the Way transformed her laundry room with paints, stenciling and a few great design elements.  She used the Peacock Fancy Stencil from our Furniture Stencils Collection and the Patina Green Royal Stencil Creme to add shimmer and pattern to her feature wall.  She shared all the lessons she learned on her wall stenciling adventures and it's quite the amazing Before & After! Oh - and a little bird told us that this pretty as a peacock laundry room would be featured in an upcoming Better Homes & Gardens magazine. We'll keep you posted!

Cherry Blossoms Stencil | Japanese Stencils Collection | Royal Design Studio

The Cherry Blossoms Stencil looks fantastic against a yellow background in this space created by artists from Royal Design Studio.  The versatile stencil pattern was used as individual motifs but it could easily be stenciled to create larger branched areas. The design is from the Japenese Stencils Collection which features patterns inspired by kimonos, lacquer boxes, and ornamental floor screens.  What a perfect way to bring out your inner geisha!

Endless Moorish Circles Moroccan Stencil on Feature Wall | Artist: Chelsy Boucher of B Couture Photography | Stencil: Royal Design Studio

Chelsy from B Couture Photography chose the Endless Moorish Circles Moroccan Stencil from our Allover Moroccan Stencils Collection to add a globally-inspired pattern in a neutral, understated way.  She wanted to keep things simple and decided to match the white doors and base in the room. It’s subtle, modern and dramatic at the same time!  She shared more on her stenciled laundry room post on her blog.

Modello Designs Masking Stencil on Laundry Room Wall | Artist: My Sister & I

There are many options for stenciling a wall: an allover design meant to evoke wallpaper patterns, motifs placed randomly over a wall to create a wonderful, loose pattern or a singular stencil placed perfectly to enhance the overall design, as seen here. Jennifer Wight & Jules Driscoll of My Sister & I used an Architectural Border Masking Stencil (AchBor103) from our sister stencil  company, Modello® Designs, to add an enlarged pattern vertically on the laundry room's prominent wall. Modello® Designs are one-time-use, adhesive-backed vinyl stencil patterns that are custom-sized and cut to order. We think the work of both Jennifer and Jules showcases a wonderful way to add interest to the space as well as incorporating the color scheme! 

Donatella Damask on Washer & Dryer with Chalk Paint decorative paint by Annie Sloan | Artist: Erin from How to Nest for Less | Royal Design Studio

Who says you are limited to just the wall for laundry room stencil projects?  Erin from How to Nest for Less was inspired to stencil her washer and dryer as opposed to her walls and created a pair of stenciled laundry room lovelies.  She used our Donatella Damask Stencil and Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan to achiever her beautiful, durable results. What a fab, creative idea and way to freshen up an old washer/dryer!

It’s not always easy to fit in and organize everything you need for a laundry room, when most of us only have a small amount of square footage to deal with. But it’s possible to make a Laundry Room look AND feel good to be in with the use of stencils and paint -- and that's the fondest hope for our homes, no?  We hope these projects give you plenty of inspiration to do the same for yours.  Be sure to pin your favorite stencil ideas and keep up with Royal Design Studio on Facebook and Twitter!
Here are more inspiring resources & ideas we washed and folded just for YOU! ;)
  • Are you a newbie stenciler? Check out the How to Stencil area on our website for the ultimate guide for every surface!
We hope you have an inspired day! :)
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  • I am also interested in the AchBor103. Can you please provide the dimensions that were used in the “my sister and I” example? I am more interested in the width as this is the scale I would also like to use. Any measurements you could provide before I order would be great. Thank you!!

  • The AchBor103 is from our Modello stencils collection and all designs are custom sized and cut to order. They can be ordered through the Modello website here

    Melanie Royals
  • I would like to know what size stencil you used in the picture of the laundry room with the Modello design Achbor 103? I would like to do this. Thanks,

    Pam Bowe

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