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Stenciling a New Life for Rugs!

 Miss Mustard Seed Stencils a Stylish Rug with Royal Design Studio Stencils 

There it is: the sad and altogether boring indoor rug you've been neglecting. Isn't it time you gave it a new stenciled life filled with color, pattern and stylish design? YES! Who better to show you how than DIY Goddess Marian from Miss Mustard Seed? Marian noted that rugs can be very expensive and she decided to take a more creative route by using a bargain jute rug find and transforming it with paint and stencils! She wanted a Swedish design for the rug and chose the Daisy Chain Wall Stencil Border as her perfect pattern. The stencil is from the versatile Border Stencils Collection.

Stenciling an Indoor Rug with Royal Design Studio Stencils | Project by Miss Mustard Seed

Stencil an Indoor Rug | Royal Design Studio Stencils | Swedish Style Rug by Miss Mustard Seed

Marian used paint and a large rounded brush to stencil the rug. The best brush for this project is the 2" Stencil Brush from Royal Design Studio as it is large and sturdy -- it's works beautifully for softer materials such as fabric, too. Stencils with rough texture, like sisal and jute, are very forgiving if you have had the excess paint off-loaded from the stencil brush. Marian held the stencil in place during her project and worked all four sides easily. She added a daisy in each of the corners, so "the design visually wrapped around the entire border of the rug". Please do read her Stenciled Jute Rug tutorial for the details on the entire project.  We love the part where it took her all of 15 minutes to stencil her rug into a design element to show off proudly. Sounds like a  No Pain, All Gain situation!

Stenciled Indoor Rug by Miss Mustard Seed with the Daisy Chain Border Stencil from Royal Design Studio

Are her results just lovely?  SO perfect for the room!  Now you know there's no longer a need to hide that dingy rug in a back room!  Stenciling a rug is one of the most fun, easy and satisfying DIY projects you could do, especially if you are stencil newbie! In fact, be sure to visit our How to Stencil resources on the Royal Design Studio website for great tips and tutorials on all types of surfaces you can transform! Happy Stenciling!

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