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Romancing a Victorian Home with Stencils

 Romancing a Victorian Home with Royal Design Studio Stencils

Victorian Homes magazine is one of the go-to guides to the Victorian lifestyle and they feature restored historic homes and other spaces with romantic charm. Imagine our delight when spying Royal Design Studio Stencils nested within their lovely pages. The eye-catching photographs of the feature showcase a home with vintage-style design and stencil patterns used beautifully and effectively. Let's take a slow and sweet stroll through this stenciled beauty of a home.

Stenciled Foyer featured in Victorian Homes Magazine | Royal Design Studio

Gothic Dado Border Stencil on Wall | Feature by Victorian Homes | Royal Design Studio Stencils

The two-story, 1880s-style house has a myriad of architectural, stenciled and finished details. As soon as you walk into the home's foyer, you spy the Gothic Dado Border Stencil against a lightly finished rose-colored wall. SO magnificently pretty and unexpected! The Gothic Dado is one of the larger selections in the Border Stencils Collection and measures a little over 2' feet tall.  It creates elegant interest on a wall by creating an "elaborate" dado pattern on the lower wall area of a room when stenciled.

Elegant Border Stencil on Wall | Royal Design Studio's European Lace Border Stencil | Victorian Homes

The European Lace Border was stenciled along the top of the wall to balance the dado stenciling below. All the colors of the owner's collections and design are connected wonderfully by the stenciling.

Stenciled Coffered Ceiling with Royal Design Studio Stencils | Victorian Homes Feature

The owner woodgrained the ceiling beams and stenciled the coffered ceiling insets with the Palazzo Centerpiece Ceiling Stencil. Very classic and rich! The stencil is part of the Ceiling Stencils Collection that includes stencil patterns for all design styles.

Stenciled Walls in Feature by Victorian Homes magazine | Royal Design Studio Stencils

Who wouldn't love a little more romance in their life? You can see how charming the Victorian-inspired home is and how the stenciling added so much style to the design. Please be sure to see the Victorian Home's online house tour of the property for more information. We love how this feature showcases the breadth of stencil options Royal Design Studio offers -- whatever your favorite design style is, they have the perfect stencil pattern for you!

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