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Stencil How-to: Using Royal Stencil Size for a Silver Accented Cabinet Door

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Our Signature Royal Stencil Size gilding medium is designed to make it easy for you to add gilded accents to your stenciled furniture, wall, and ceiling projects! Here, we show you how to use our pre-tinted Black Royal Stencil Size and Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint to create a beautiful antiqued pattern finish on a cabinet door. The Black Stencil Size makes it fast and easy to add both a black color AND gilding size to an area in one quick step. The Royal Stencil Size offers amazing coverage and sets up for gilding quickly, so you can get your project done faster. Not just for stenciling, it's ideal for adding gilded details to moldings and other small areas as you'll see in this tutorial.

Stencil How-to: Using Chalk Paint® to Stencil a Custom Brush Box

Our African Protea Stencil of the Month is the perfect floral pattern for all sorts of DIY craft stenciling projects around your house. Recently, we updated a stencil brush box here in our studio with this fun, Art Deco-inspired flower design. See how we completed this fast and easy stencil project!

Stencil How-to: DIY Stenciled Pillows with our African Protea Stencil

This Art Deco-inspired motif is perfect for craft stencil projects on furniture, fabric and more. We've even created a couple new DIY stencil how-to projects to get you inspired and on your way. First up? Stenciled pillow projects that you can easily do on store-bought pillows using our metallic Stencil Creme Paints. Let's get started....

Colorful DIY Organizing Ideas with Stencils

The new year is the perfect time to get more organized and freshen up your work/play space. We decided it was tome to create a more colorful office in our graphic design room. We have some great new "global modern" inspired designs that are sized both for wall and furniture/craft stenciling, and found these to be the perfect fit on some bright magazine boxes and an old corkboard. A little planning and color coordination with our Metallic Stencil Creme paints, and we were on our way! These are very quick and easy DIY stencil projects that you can do in a few hours, so let's get stenciling....

Stencil How-To: Stenciling a Lampshade

Are you looking for an easy peasy DIY stencil project that can be done in a dash AND adds a darling dose of color and pattern to an otherwise boring light fixture?? Well, look no further because we have a super simple how-to stencil project for you today: Lampshade stenciling! You can stencil on almost ANY flat surfaced lampshade, but the ever-popular drum shaped shades are by far the easiest. You simply need to wrap the stencil and pattern around the shade and dab on some color for a brilliant new look!

Stencil How-to: A Joyful Holiday Canvas

Get into the true spirit of the Holiday Season with this inspiring stenciled canvas project that we created especially for our Hometalk Google+ Hangout! Foregoing the usual red and green, we chose an elegant color palette of white, blue and gold that would be ideal for decorating for Christmas or Hanukkah, and can even be left up to enjoy long after the December holidays!!

Stencil How-To: Burlap Table Runner

Set the stage for a fabulous tabletop by stenciling your own custom burlap table runner with a fresh, modern stencil pattern from Royal Design Studio!. Of course the beauty of stenciling is that YOU get to select your own pattern and paint colors, allowing you to customize your table wear to fit your own decorating tastes, color scheme, and design style. Stenciling a table runner on burlap is so super easy and cost effective, you can easily stencil multiple table runners to fit every mood, season, or holiday celebration. We show you how to get this great look for the fall season, but a quick trip through our Allover Patterns Stencils Collection will reveal designs suitable for a multitude of stencil decorating projects-for any season or reason.

Stencil How-To: Wedding Photo Booth Backdrop

She and her fiance are wisely saving most of their money for a dream honeymoon to Paris, but of course she still wants to create a lovely setting and festive atmosphere for her friends and family to enjoy-so she is doing many creative, DIY projects for her special day. One of these projects was to create a custom photo booth backdrop with our Step Up Triangles Stencil. Lizelly favors clean, bold, geometric patterns and this design from our Modern Stencils Collection is one of her favorites! 

Stencil How-to: Birds on a Wire

Our Lace Bird Stencils, Sweet Tweets, star in this colorful wall stencil how-to project that will have you chirping a happy tune! This would be a super fun stencil project for a nursery or child's room. YOU get to design it and decide where you want to paint the "wires" (done with tape!) and can do as much or as little as you want. Consider this stencil idea for a feature wall-and if you don't want to do the whole wall you can simply use tape to paint in vertical "poles" where you wish and run the wires between them.

Stencil How-to: Lace Canvas Combo

This stencil how-to shows you the easy steps to create an adorable piece of custom stenciled canvas art that would be a sweet treat for any new nursery or toddler's room. We've combined a series of stencils from our Lace Stencil Collection in a unique design piece. Featuring lacy bird motifs and large, detailed doily designs and a soft paint color scheme, this easy little stencil project can be easily done in and hour-and enjoyed for years!

Fabric Stencil How-to: Lace Pillows

Stenciling on plain fabric pillows is one of the fastest, easiest ways to personalize your home decor! You can MAKE your own pillow covers, of course, but plain pillows that are perfect for stenciling are easily found in discount stores these days such as Marshalls, TJ Max, HomeGoods, etc. All you need is a stencil pattern from Royal Design Studio, some stencil paint that is suitable for fabric, and about a hour's worth of time! Read on for tips and more details....

Stencil How-to: Lovely Lace Doily Wall

Learn how to stencil a lovely lace feature wall. Romantic lace accents are ON TREND for everything from clothing to furniture, and this stencil tutorial shows you how to translate this great look to a fabulous, original feature wall using the Large Lace Doilies Stencils Set from Royal Design Studio.
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