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Glitter Guide Loves Royal Design Studio Stencils!

Glitter Guide is a lifestyle powerhouse that is dedicated to inspiring its fans (like you and me!) to shine brightly in everything you do - whether that’s making memories with your children, climbing your way to the top of the corporate ladder or simply making the most of every moment in your day. Glitter Guide offers a peek into the colorful world of creatives across the globe, all with the intent to add a bit of whimsy and encouragement to your own personal mission. We always love seeing all the fun home decor ideas that Glitter Guide fills its online articles and Instagram account with, and even better yet, we love seeing what they do with Royal Design Studio stencils! Here’s what they’ve had to say about these 4 room makeovers using our large Wall Stencils:

Glitter Guide Loves Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils! DIY Home Decor Ideas that are FAST and EASY!

Ribbon Damask Wall Stencil

Fiber artist Astral Riles’ penchant for creative experimentation—not to mention her gorgeous Moroccan-inspired wall hangings—make us weak in the knees, and we're always anxious to see what she'll come up with next. At home, it's crystal clear that Astral's aesthetic is largely influenced by her love for the mid-century modern era. She says, “My advice is don't be afraid. DIY projects add a touch of your personality to the home that nothing else can—and it feels great to be able to say, ‘I did that!’”

Glitter Guide Loves Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils! DIY Home Decor Ideas that are FAST and EASY!

Contempo Trellis Wall Stencil

Place of My Taste says, “It’s hard to categorize my style, as I love mixing styles. As you walk through my home, you can tell how much I like layering textures and how I enjoy adding a pop of color to every space. I love mid-century modern lines, but I also plug in the rustic charm, a little bit of bohemian and an edgy feeling to my design. Over the last couple of years, my design style evolved to what it is today. I finally found the style that resonates with me the most and the style we, as a family, feel great living in. Should we call it eclectic? I just love pattern and I like to incorporate them into my design. I adore our comfy and cozy living room where we spend lots of time as a family. Home is where we surround ourselves with the things we enjoy and adore, and home is where we build strong family spirit. I love home.”

Glitter Guide Loves Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils! DIY Home Decor Ideas that are FAST and EASY!

Persian Garden Damask Wall Stencil

We can't get enough of the rustic-meets-coastal aesthetic that Simple Stylings has honed in on. Understanding how costly and time-consuming it can be to redecorate a home, she strives to deliver the highest quality styling tips for limited budgets and busy lifestyles. Her favorite tip that she used in her own home? Stenciling! She stenciled a feature wall in her closet with just paint – no damaging, expensive wallpaper needed! 

Glitter Guide Loves Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils! DIY Home Decor Ideas that are FAST and EASY!

Rockin’ Roses Wall Stencil

There’s something so very special about little girls’ rooms, and Proper Hunt has created such a lovely nursery for her daughter. My absolute favorite element of her room is her closet. I had seen images online of wallpapered closets (such a lovely surprise to see when you open your closet). I really wanted hers to have wallpaper, but that project would have been too expensive—so the next best thing was finding a wall stencil that I could paint onto the inside of her closet. I used gold paint, which reflects the light from her window and looks absolutely stunning every time I open the closet doors. Every time I look at the inside of her closet, it makes me so happy to know that I tackled that project at 34 weeks pregnant! This little girl’s nursery decor is perfectly playful and colorful, and can grow with her.”


Feeling inspired to stencil a Glitter Guide-worthy room in your own home? Be sure to check out our How to Stencil section for tips, tricks, and tutorials during your stencil journey. And once you’re finished, email us at, share them on our Facebook Page, or you can even Instagram your projects and tag us with #royaldesignstudio. We love sharing your amazing stencil projects!

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  • Hi I love your stencils I am new to stencilling How do you manage to get them so accurate I struggle matching them and a little bit of bleed its not easy

    Joanne Lane

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