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Trendy Office Makeover Idea: Cheetah Spots Wall Stencils

When it comes to room makeovers, we automatically turn to Pinterest to get our creative gears turning. We see jaw dropping designer décor, and have our hearts set on replicating the look. Happens to the best of us, right? Definitely! Shauna of The House of Silver Lining stumbled upon this room on Apartment Therapy’s Pinterest and fell in love with the deep green and pale grey color scheme. This look would be perfect for her trendy office makeover! Throwing in pops of green into a neutral grey space would make the room serene, but bold. View full article →

Make Your Home Modern or Moroccan with this Lace Stencil

You can turn to the same stencil to create the exotic or contemporary look that you’ve always wanted. Our Modern Moroccan Lace Wall Stencil adds a bold lace pattern that can embody either global or modern design. Its design is very versatile too. You can easily adapt this intricate wall stencil from our Moroccan Stencils Collection to your own taste simply by stenciling it in a color palette that suits your personal decorating style. Let’s take a look at how different paint color schemes each brings out a unique flavor to this ornate stencil pattern. View full article →

12 Affordable Decorating Ideas with Furniture Stencils

A piece of furniture can take an even bigger chunk out of your wallet if you’re shopping for designer décor. To keep your wallet plump and your bank account happy, you should look towards DIY decorating and Furniture Stencils – the most stylish and affordable way to bring pattern into your home. You can easily find great thrift store furniture, paint it in your favorite colors, and stencil it with the latest design trends and stay within your budget. Sounding a bit amazing but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered… Check out these 12 furniture stencil projects to get your inspired! View full article →

Christmas Stencil Project Ideas from Lowe’s Creative Ideas

Deck the halls, walls, and furniture with Christmas magic! And what better way to capture the festive feeling than to decorate your home with DIY décor that you made with creativity and love. Lowe’s Creative Ideas is a great source for easy DIY projects, home makeover ideas, decorating tips, and more. They love the idea of using Christmas stencils to decorate for the holidays, and compiled 3 great stencil projects for you to try on your own using stencils from the Royal Design Studio Holiday Stencil Collection! View full article →

10 Stenciled Floor Makeovers Made For Walkin’

Has your old or damaged floor got you down? There is still time to save it! You’ll just need to hop on over to Royal Design Studio’s Floor Stencils Collection and choose your favorite pattern. Floors stencils give you the ability to remodel your floors without the hassle of stripping, prepping, and spending lots of money. Better yet, floor stencils can be used directly on a variety of floor surfaces, including tile, cement, hardwood, rugs, and more! If that sounds right up your alley, then check out these 10 stenciled floors that were made for walkin’! View full article →

New Moroccan Stencil: Name It To Win It!

This month's stencil that you can Name It To Win It will add an exotic touch to any room with its trellis pattern and geometric look. Stencil it in tone-on-tone colors for a subtle look or paint the smaller details in contrasting colors for pops of personality. To show you how versatile this stencil can be, we have painted this Moroccan pattern on an accent wall, dresser, and hardwood floor. It can make any surface look striking and stylish! View full article →

6 Stencil Projects that Really Shine with Modern Masters Metallics

Stenciling unleashes creative freedom because it can be done with any paint color or color combination. However, we are seeing some AMAZING stencil projects lately using Modern Masters Metallic Paints! Metallic finishes add glamour, shine, richness, and depth to whatever surface it is stenciled on. To see for yourself and inspire your next DIY décor project, check out Modern Masters’ favorite stencil projects using their products below. View full article →

Total Home Transformation: 3 Freshly Stenciled Rooms!

Are you planning or a room makeover? Maybe even multiple room makeovers? Haleigh of Consider the Peel is transforming her new home room by room and loves the results and we think you will too! Because she will be spending much of her time and energy in her kitchen, craft room, and nursery, she wanted to make sure they were beautiful to look at day in and day out. She is a lover of pattern and crafts, so stenciling these three in her home made perfect sense. Come along to see how she used stencils from Royal Design Studio to create some fresh style in these special rooms. View full article →

Dream Green DIY Stencils a Bombay Pink Paisley Wall

Carrie Waller of Dream Green DIY and her best friend Erica set their sights on transforming Erica’s guest bedroom into a vintage yet contemporary space. To do that, they narrowed down their creative alternatives to wall stencils and paint. They are both fans of Royal Design Studio and immediately set about browsing our large selection of stencils. The Bombay Paisley Damask Wall Stencil caught their eyes, and the plan was made. Along with shades of soft pink, they set forth to create a striking accent wall. Let’s see how they teamed up to work on this DIY project. View full article →

Royal Design Studio Stencils are the Perfect Interior Patterns

Multiple pages of Royal Design Studio stencils have made their way into the new book, Interior Patterns: Wallpaper, Furnishings, & Home Décor! The 256-page book features over 400 illustrations, images and patterned rooms from cover to cover, each depicting beautiful patterns and rich color in interior design. We are honored that 26 of our stencils are featured in this book (and front and center on the cover!) celebrating what we all adore – pattern, color, and design. View full article →
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