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Stenciled Shabby Chic Farmhouse Style Furniture

Shabby Chic Farmhouse style is utter comfort and luxury. The spirit of this decorating style is to work with what you have, enjoy the hunt for unique antique and vintage pieces, and celebrate imperfection. Check out these 18 Shabby Chic Farmhouse furniture fixups using Furniture Stencils from Royal Design Studio...

The Cutest Nurseries & Kids Rooms Ever using Wall Stencils

Bring up your baby in style from day one by decorating the DIY way to a designer nursery. You’ll be able to easily and affordably create a chic nursery that you'll love too. The best route for a do-it-yourself mom that doesn’t want to sacrifice style AND price is to use Nursery & Kids Wall Stencils. These wall designs add a custom and colorful pattern to nursery walls that only LOOK expensive.

Perfect Pink Furniture Makeovers for a Girls Room

You can use pink on furniture so that it’s easier for your daughter to grow into and love for many years. You can easily upcycle and transform a piece with Furniture Painting Stencils and the perfect pink hue. Girly, charming, and perfectly pink, these painted furniture projects can inspire creativity and playfulness in a girl’s room…

The Best Home Decor Makeovers with Insta-Inspiring Stencils

Instagram is a game-changer for those wanting inspiration for their next DIY project or room makeover. We LOVE checking the #royaldesignstudio hashtag and being rewarded with inspiring shots of how our creative customers (like you!) use our stencils in their own home transformations. We even regram some of our favorites at @royalstencils! Check out some of the most creative...

Insanely Gorgeous Kitchens with Tile Floor Stencils

We’re sure you’ve seen your fair share of tired tile in kitchens that are just begging to be renovated… including your own! However, most of the time, buying and installing new tile is out of the question. FYI… there IS a simple solution to updating old dingy kitchen tiles on the cheap: Floor Tile Stencils from Royal Design Studio!

DIY Idea: Stencil a Faux Brick Wall or Subway Tiles

Interior brick walls and subway tile walls are traditional and timeless. Faux brick wall stencils and subway tile wall stencils are inexpensive ways to create a similar look. These wall stencil patterns for painting are so easy that even the beginner DIY’er can do it! Check these faux brick and faux subway tile makeovers…

Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils on HGTV Masters of Flip with Dave & Kortney Wilson!

We are so excited that two of our favorite wall stencils were featured on HGTV Canada’s Masters of Flip! The show’s premise features Dave and Kortney Wilson and their passion for seeking out neglected houses in and around Nashville and then flipping them into amazing family dream homes with limited timelines and even tighter budgets.

Help Us Name This Trellis Stencil + WIN It!

Name it to Win it Returns!! We have designed yet another beautiful stencil pattern for you this week! If you are looking to give a modern chic look to your stencil projects, we think this brand new trellis stencil pattern would be one of the top contenders on your list. So, here’s another chance for you to find a cool new name for this gorgeous geometric pattern.

18 Unbelievable Bedroom Wall Stencils that Will Leave You Dreaming

All you need is one fabulous feature wall to really make a room stand out. Whether you want to make a statement, emphasize your headboard, or simply have a small space that needs to impress without overwhelming, you can use Bedroom Feature Wall Stencils to instill a sense of extraordinary in an otherwise completely ordinary space.

Mermaids & Wall Stencils: The Prettiest Decorating Craze

Are you ready to catch the next trend wave? Mermaids are swimming into popularity with many home decorators. Whether you want a girly take on nautical for your baby’s nursery or you want to rock some metallic magic on your own walls, you can easily create the look that was mer-made for you with Wall Stencils.

The Renovation Hack That Will Save You $1000s: Bathroom Tile Floor Stencils

You can make a stylish splash in your bathroom with beautiful flooring and still have plenty of money left for new amenities. The secret to saving you a TON when you are renovating your bathroom is Tile Floor Stencils. Tile Floor Stencils is the perfect decorating hack for rejuvenating your existing ceramic tile, vinyl, or laminate flooring.

New Floral Stencil... Name It to Win It!

Name it to Win it is back! Welcome our newest Floral Wall Stencil! April showers definitely bring May flowers... We are excited to share with you a gorgeous floral design that is intertwined in a trellis pattern.
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