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25 DIY Ideas: Modern Farmhouse Walls Stencils

A decade ago the phrase “Modern Farmhouse” would perhaps have referred to a newly built actual farmhouse, but today it conjures a checklist of decor elements that add up to something a little bit country, a little bit industrial, and a whole lot of white paint. Shiplap paneling? Check. Reclaimed wood? Check. White walls? Check. After following this popular decorating checklist, make sure to add a personal touch to your Modern Farmhouse style home by painting a wall pattern with Modern Farmhouse Wall Stencils from Royal Design Studio.

Backyard Budget Makeovers with Stencils

Mix up some margaritas and break out the barbecue sauce. Outdoor party season is upon us, and these patios show how t...

Bohemian Stencils to Inspire Your Inner Boho Babe

Creative and artsy, unique and layered, the bohemian decor trend leads to a worldly lifestyle at home. Swathed in rich textiles and colors perfect for mismatching, boho chic rooms show a free spirit and an eye for eclectic design. Here’s boho interiors beautifully layering color and pattern with Bohemian Stencils from Royal Design Studio.

HGTV Says Paint Everything with Royal Design Studio Stencils!

We are so excited to read HGTV Magazine (June 2019) and see the crowd-favorite Tribal Batik Furniture Stencil in its pages! In this color packed issue, HGTV highlights the importance (and pure fun!) of decorating with color. “Paint Everything!” is their mantra, and we couldn’t agree more! They shared tips and tricks about how to paint, well… everything!

Name It to Win It is Back with a Stunning Stencil!

Floral stencils offer many decorating options for feminine home decorating and create the look of expensive wallpaper at a fraction of the cost. This floral and bird wall stencil’s graceful curves and ornate Chinoserie pattern will bring elegance to any wall or home decor project.

Secret Weapon: Insta-Inspiring Stencils for Decorating

Instagram is the secret (and free!) weapon that interior designers and DIY decorators use for their inspiration. It’s the go-to source for inspiration, sharing tips and tricks, and getting an inside look into the homes of both friends and celebrities. Let use this secret weapon to our own advantage and see what others are doing with Royal Design Studio Stencils and become inspired! Scroll down to see “insta-inspiring” decorating projects.

Shibori Dye Designs using Wall Stencils & Furniture Stencils

Shibori, tie-dye’s chic cousin, adds a one-of-a-kind bohemian vibe to any interior. Rather than shopping for expensive decor at World Market or West Elm, you can use Wall Stencils & Furniture Stencils from Royal Design Studio to add this popular pattern to your home for a fraction of the cost.

Before + After: The Greatest Room Makeovers

Our talented customers love seeing a total transformation unfold before their inspired eyes and creative hands when t...

The #1 Thing You Need for a Mermaid Bedroom Wall Mural

Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? After sharing some swimmingly cool ideas for DIY mermaid wallpaper murals here, so...

Paint Batik Fabric Designs with Wall Stencils & Furniture Stencils

Batik is a centuries-old dye process that was first developed in Indonesia. Hot wax would be applied to the fabric to create a wax-resistant pattern that the dye could not take. The batik design now adds a lively, elegant touch to interior design and home decor around the world. You can use Wall Stencils & Furniture Stencils to add this popular pattern to your home for a fraction of the cost.

25 Luxurious Ways to Accent a Bedroom Wall

We spend all of our money and energy on decorating our living rooms, by the time we get to our bedrooms there's nothing there. That's because everyone sees our common areas but only a few see our bedrooms – but after seeing these luxurious bedroom walls, you're going to want to show everyone. Check out these 25 ways to accent your bedroom wall using Royal Design Studio Wall Painting Stencils….

18 Budget-Friendly Ways to Stencil Your Patio Floor

Amp up the charm, comfort and personality of your patio floor or porch floor with pattern! Without having to renovate or remodel your patio, you can opt for using Royal Design Studio Stencils as an easy and affordable DIY hack. Get your outdoor space ready for summer with 24 simple and budget-friendly ideas using patio paint stencils.
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